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Grubs Hunting Boots @

Grubs Hunting Boots

The Grub’s footwear tradition is to provide outdoorsmen with the best outdoor gear on the market. That’s why Grub’s hunting boots are made with technologies such as Insu-Foam Ultra construction and high-grade Choloprene rubber. This is footwear that enables you to take on adventure and keep you protected in any conditions.

Grubs Abi

Built for adventurous women who love the outdoors, the Grub’s ABI is a great all-season option. A 3.5 construction means 3.5mm of incredibly light foam insulation that’s lined with moisture-wicking lining on the inside and a super tough nylon face on the outside. This durable shell provides protection all the way down to subzero temperatures but is still light enough to keep you comfortable in warmer weather, too. A stretch calf panel ensures a snug, custom fit, and a splash of color add some fun to your outdoor footwear.

Grubs Deep-Fly

The Deep-Fly boot from Grub’s allows you to move through deeper waters in comfort. Wear it barefoot or slip on any stocking foot wader, and walk into the coldest streams without losing warmth. The secret is in the 5.0 construction, a technology that blends three layers of tough nylon, 5mm insulating foam and a terry knit lining that wicks away moisture. A Vibram multi-sport outsole grabs the river bottom for help navigating pebbly ground underfoot. These boots are washable, so no muck or germs will make their way into your home.

Grubs Frostline

Trek into negative digits with coverage from the Frostline. The Grub’s 5.0 technology is incorporated into each pair to give multiple layers of defense from freezing weather and icy conditions. Promising to become the most comfortable, lightweight snow boots you’ve ever owned, the Frostlines are certain to shield your feet. A TRAX outsole has an aggressive tread that digs down onto icy, muddy grounds, and an EVA midsole helps soften the blow of each step. Below freezing never felt so warm and cozy.

Grubs Hunt

Tough hunters need tough boots. That’s where Grub’s Hunt boot comes in. This larger than life hunter will help you navigate any terrain you can imagine. This classic rubber hunter uses Grubs’ 5.0 technology, which sandwiches 5mm of extra light insulating foam with a tough, textured nylon face and a moisture-wicking interior lining. That means no matter what conditions you face, you’re covered with three layers between you and the elements. Rain, sleet or snow, get your Hunt on.

Grubs Powder

Outfit your kiddo in hunting boots that look and protect just like mom and dad’s! The Powder collection is a pint-sized version of the Grub’s footwear you depend on. Take the kids on your next outdoor excursion without fear that they’ll be uncomfortable from the cold—this little boot is packed full of warmth. Multiple layers of fleece lining join up with the brand’s signature HIGHLOFT liner that’s similar to down feather. A Twist Grip sole has multiple studs underfoot to keep tiny feet steady on the trail. Spend some quality time with your little family outdoors.

Grubs Ptarmigan

Conquer mountainous terrains with the help of the Ptarmigan. Constructed with 5mm of CR-Foam that’s covered with 4mm of rubber, this is one hard-wearing boot that’s ready to move mountains. Rated to keep you comfortable down to below freezing conditions, the Ptarmigan can withstand elevated heights and falling temperatures. Trekking through these environments can wear you out, which is when a cushioning EVA midsole comes in handy. When your game takes you to higher ground, make sure you’re prepared.

Grubs Snowline

Need extreme winter boots? The Snowline is your best bet. The fact that this boot was field tested in the tundra of Siberia is proof enough that this winter-ready boot can stand up to the harshest weather conditions. Choose from either 8.5mm or 12mm of the lightest foam insulation you’ve ever experienced in a hunting boot. Lined with half a millimeter of moisture-wicking fleece, the interior of the boot traps warmth in while keeping sweat away. This is truly a boot that Old Man Winter won’t be able to penetrate.

Grubs Stalking

Take your hunting experience to the next level with the Grub’s Stalking boot. Armed with a Vibram multi-sport sole, the this boot has some serious grip. That means you can stalk all you want without worrying about slipping or sliding on early season mud or slick grounds. Field tested all the way in the Highlands of Scotland, these boots are fortified with the 5.0 technology for multi-layer protection and a stretchy fit for different sized calves. Available in a brown or camouflage variation.

Grubs Stealthline

Conceal every movement with Grub’s Stealthline collection. These boots are designed to keep you undercover for a greater chance at success in the field. A stretch lace-up version of your favorite Grub’s hunting boots, you’ll still get the great protection of 10.5mm of CR-foam ultra-light insulation. A reinforced toe and Vibram multi-sport outsole add an extra layer of durability, and an EVA midsole and moisture-wicking liner bring extra comfort to your next outing.

Grubs Treeline

Stay protected against dense woodland areas as you make your way to the tree stand. Field tested in the Northern forests of Sweden, this collection of Grub’s hunting boots is designed to keep your feet comfortable, dry and most importantly, protected. Featuring several options of insulation, there’s a Treeline to meet the hazards of any environment. The addition of a 2mm natural rubber overlay adds a layer of defense between your feet and the oftentimes harsh forest. These boots are available with or without camouflage.

Grubs Workline

Stand tough with a pair of Grub’s Workline boots. These boots have steel-toe protection that’s reinforced with a rubber overlay, so you can wear them for both work and play while staying protected against your environment. Built with Grub’s 5.0 technology, you’ll get multiple layers of protection in the form of a moisture-wicking terry polyester lining, 5mm of super light foam insulation and a resilient nylon coating. The cushy 6mm footbed is also insulated to keep cold air from seeping underfoot. Extreme comfort in extreme weather.

Grubs Worklite

Similar to the Grub’s Hunt, the Worklite boot carries the same features in a black package. Ready to stand up to the toughest weather, the 5.0 technology piles on three layers for a durable, waterproof exterior, warming inner layer and moisture-wicking interior liner. But even with all of these features, this premium boot is just over four pounds per pair. Maintain warmth in subzero temperatures, and never worry about missing another hunt due to the weather. - Your Hunting Boots Superstore

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