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Muck Hunting Boots

Since its beginning in 1999, the Original Muck Boot Company has been working to produce some of the highest performing footwear on the market. The Muck Boot brand continually exceeds the expectations of customers—especially in the areas of comfort and quality. No matter the task at hand, every single boot will be 100 percent waterproof. The leather and rubber styles are designed to tackle tough conditions in the work, agriculture, lawn and garden, outdoor sporting, equine and pet care markets. As one of the fastest growing waterproof boot manufacturers in the country, it has also established a strong and loyal fan base.

Muck Arctic

When you're in the market for a snow-fighting hunting boot, look no further than this collection of Arctic boots from Muck. They're built to maintain warmth and protect your feet from the freezing temperatures. You'll be surprised at how bulk-free and flexible these boots are for footwear that battles cold weather. Made with a double reinforced rubber, the boots retain enough durability to last season after season. Snow and ice are no match for the aggressive tread outsole that grips down to effortlessly keep your footing. Don't let wintry conditions keep you inside. Get out in the Arctic.

Muck Camo Camp

After the hunt dies down and you make your way back to your campsite, it's time to sit back and relax. Slip off your heavy boots, and slip into these Camo Camp shoes. These booties are made for hanging out near the campfire and continue to protect you from the forest. The topline binding sits snugly on your foot, keeping out small pebbles, sticks, dirt or anything else that crosses your path. They're breathable, lightweight and waterproof—everything you need in a camping shoe.

Muck Chore

Need a dependable rubber hunting boot? The Chore from Muck has your back. This lightweight option makes it easy to wear for long periods of time, perfect for hiking through in cooler weather. Keep mud and moisture at bay when you have a natural rubber upper paired with a triple-reinforced toe and quadruple-reinforced heel. The ultimate in protection, it's also the ultimate in convenience—the overlay is seamlessly waterproof and washable, so you can wash away a muddy day and prepare for tomorrow's hunt.

Muck Daily

These Muck Daily shoes are perfect for those lazy days spent exploring riverbanks. Move through the summer months with ultra-light, ultra breathable booties on your feet. They incorporate all of the trusted features of a Muck hunting boot into a small, comfortable package. The flex-foam bootie includes 4-way stretch nylon for easy movement in a variety of terrains, and a stretch-fit means snug protection that keeps out small rocks and dirt. A self-cleaning outsole helps navigate slippery ground by always maintaining a strong grip. Forget scraped up feet—the Daily will keep you protected.

Muck Edgewater

Go beyond waterproof with the Muck Edgewater. Made from a CR-foam material that's typically used for dry suits, this is like no other waterproof boot you've ever experienced. This self-insulating, waterproof construction is lightweight and super flexible, for easy and comfortable wading through high water. A stretch-fit top binding keeps dirt and pebbles from making their way in, and extra toe protection comes from a wrap-up toe bumper and reinforced Achilles. Pull on a pair of the Edgewater, and jump right in.

Muck Fieldblazer

Lightweight. Waterproof. Protective. These are the qualities every hunter looks for in his gear, and these are the qualities infused in every Muck Fieldblazer. An ultra-flexible CR-foam material is used in the seamless construction for insane waterproof protection. Walk through all the rivers and creeks you cross without worry that you'll be dealing with moisture-filled boots. These fully loaded boots are made to move for miles in comfort, with a supportive shank underfoot to equally distribute your weight. Whatever prey you're stalking, let these boots help you blaze a path.

Muck Hale

Just because you need a boot that keeps you well-covered and dry, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flexibility. The Muck Hale combines a flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon that keeps you stable in mud, rock or rough terrain while blocking out water, cold air or anything that could slip into your sole during the hunt. Designed with the young hunter in mind, each boot includes topline binding that’s easy to pull tight against the leg for a guarantee that your shoes won’t slip off when they’re needed most.

Muck Hoser

Maximize your coverage with the Muck Hoser, a boot that promises to keep you separated from wet, muddy terrains. They're easy to slip on and comfortable enough to wear from sun up to sun down, so you can hike farther and longer. Great for upland hunting, this boot is made of a sturdy, natural rubber that's seamlessly watertight. Slosh through the murky waters all you want, and at the end of a long, dirty day these boots hose off easily. Get down and dirty in the Hoser.

Muck Jobber

The Jobber combines everything you love about Muck in a convenient small size. This 7-inch shoe is ideal for those treks that don't require a full-sized boot but when unbeatable protection is still a necessity. The sole is similar to Muck's Tack or Mucker style boot, but sized down to meet those in-between needs of a fisherman or hunter. It's got a breathable mesh lining, high-strength durability, waterproof seal and extra EVA cushioning. Go small but mighty with the Jobber.

Muck Muckmaster

Got muck? Then you need a hardcore, dig-down-deep kind of boot like the Muckmaster. Just as its name suggests, this rubber boot masters messy ground with ease. Ideal for those wet and muddy spring sessions, the Muckmaster conquers these terrains with a super aggressive outsole that delivers maximum traction. A thermal foam underlay and snug-fit binding add an extra layer of warmth for early morning outings. With the Muckmaster, it's time to take control of your next hunt.

Muck Muckster

Simplify your outdoor gear with a heavy duty bootie like the Muckster. This shoe packs all the features of your heavy hunter into a small slip-on version. We know nothing ruins a hunt faster than moisture seeping into your boots. With the dry suit CR-foam construction that brings incredible waterproof protection, you'll never worry about uncomfortable wet feet again. The flex-foam adds supreme flexibility when you need it most, so you can move freely when you're chasing down an animal. Stay protected and stay lightweight in the Muckster.

Muck Pursuit

Crouched in a field, settled in a tree or on the move, hunters need a boot that works as hard they do. Along with all classic features, Muck provides to its dedicated customers, the Pursuit collection offers a new, lightweight outsole for optimal stability and speed—no matter the ground or weather conditions. Though this boot keeps your feet and lower legs dry and well-insulated, built-in Optimal Flex technology helps increase flexibility and overall fit to make you feel you’re wearing a shoe half its size and weight. Avoid unwanted abrasions and move fast and strategically no matter where you hunt, how you hunt or what game you pursue.

Muck Rover

When your little one wants to go hit the tree stand with mom or dad, make sure they're outfitted to match! The Muck Rover collection offers a perfect fit for small feet and eager hunters-in-training. These pint-sized Muck boots are made with the same high-quality material as the adult styles—a CR-foam construction with extra flex and supreme watertight protection. Available in a plain or camouflage version, these boots have additional protection with a wrap-up bumper that surround the entire foot.

Muck Rugged

When you begin to teach your child the passion for hunting, which you learned from your parents, guarantee they’ll stay safe and comfortable with the kid’s Rugged collection from Muck. Designed with a durable outsole, four-way stretch nylon and a stretch-fit topline that even the youngest hunters can pull tightly on their own, you’ll feel at ease knowing the little boy or girl feels light and secure. Nothing is more important than teaching the right way to shoot, trap and track on those initial trips with the kids. Choose a boot that keeps their small feet covered so you can focus on making memories on the hunt.

Muck Scrub

“Muck"-proof your next hunt with a pair of these Scrub boots. Whether you're just out surveying the fields or planting food plots, these all-purpose boots are great for both outdoor work and outdoor activities. For laborious tasks, you'll appreciate an added layer of rubber reinforcement on the heel, Achilles and shank areas. But even with that addition, these boots remain flexible and lightweight for comfort that lasts from the moment you slip ‘em on to the time you kick ‘em off.

Muck Tack Classic

Stay warm and dry when you wear the Tack Classic. These boots utilize a special CR-foam material that seals out any water or moisture you encounter. This material fits snugly against your calf to seal in warmth in sub-freezing conditions, but it's also super breathable to keep you comfortable up to 85 degrees. A diamond tread pattern self-cleaning outsole wraps around the perimeter of the boot and sheds debris with each step to ensure a high level of traction. With Muck, redefine the way you get dirty.

Muck Uplander

You won't find a better boot for upland hunting than the Uplander. Designed with a classic bird hunting profile, this Muck style carries every feature necessary to take you on the path of success. A full lace-up gusset and snug, ankle-fit last securely fastens this boot to your foot. The trusted CR-foam bootie construction keeps water at bay, and the natural rubber overlay adds durability for footwear that will last for years. Chase your next bird without fear of wet, tired feet.

Muck Wetland

These boots weren't just built to get wet. They were built to conquer the wetlands head-on. So if you're headed out to marshy areas, you absolutely need the level of protection that these hardcore boots provide. Along with CR-foam construction and ultimate waterproof protection, these were designed with a rugged rubber outsole that digs into mucky ground with no trouble. Mud and grime simply wash away at the end of your outdoor venture. Try the Wetland, and you'll be amazed at their high level of performance.

Muck Woodlands

The deeper you go into the wilderness, the stronger your boot should be. For all around protection that’s stacked with safety and performance features, the Woodlands is a great addition to your hunting gear stock. Waking up early and staying out longer is easy with 100 percent waterproof full-grain leather, fully-insulated flex foam for warmth and a rugged outsole for stability and dependability in tough conditions. Scent masking is added for improved outdoor concealment while inner antimicrobial treatment keeps odor out so your feet feel fresh but don’t attract attention on the trail.

Muck Woody

For the stealthiest stalking, go with a Muck Woody. These camouflage-covered rubber boots don't skimp on safety and durability. They're built with the waterproof protection you expect from a pair of Mucks and wrapped with a variety of camo patterns. Get super flexible scent-free performance in this completely waterproof shoe. Even when the temperature drops, it has you covered with thermal foam insulation. Grab a pair of these boots, and head out on the hunt of your life. - Your Hunting Boots Superstore

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