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Tactical Research Hunting Boots @

Tactical Research Hunting Boots

As a newcomer, Tactical Research hunting boots take a unique approach to outdoor footwear. By crafting lightweight, athletic footwear, it enables the everyday hunter to move quickly and with exact precision. Baked in the knowledge and understanding found at Belleville Shoe, Tactical Research is truly a marriage of old-world tradition and new-world technology.

Tactical Research Khyber

Camouflage yourself with a pair of these battle-tested Tactical Research Khyber boots. Move swiftly through rugged terrains with an exclusive Vibram IBEX outsole and the deep serrated toe bumper that maintains stability while climbing. The Khyber has a low profile sole that lightens the boot's overall weight so you can fight fatigue while stalking your prey. Take a tactical approach to your next hunt.

Tactical Research Kiowa

Increase your mobility while you're on the prowl with these Kiowa boots from Tactical Research. Originally a military boot, the Kiowa translates well into the hunting world, with a low profile design that contributes to your stealthiest movements. The “over-lasted” EVA midsole helps dissipate the shock from each step to help keep you moving for miles without tired feet. Stalk your next trophy with the help of Tactical Research. - Your Hunting Boots Superstore

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