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Wood N' Stream Hunting Boots @

Wood N' Stream Hunting Boots

Hunters are one of the few who truly understand and appreciate the fragility and balance of the outdoors. Wood N’ Stream designs its extensive hunting boot selection with the same attention to detail that hunters take on the trail. You may not be able to predict what happens on the hunt, but you can trust that the innovative safety features and tough, durable appearance keeps you light on your feet and protected from the elements.

Wood N' Stream American Heritage

Like its first boots designed in Wisconsin over 60 years ago, Wood N’ Stream is proud to offer its exclusive, 100 percent USA-made footwear collection. American Heritage has several designs that allow hunters to handpick the safety and comfort features that fit them best—all with the reassurance that each stitch and lace was built on American soil by American workers. Whether you prefer insulated or non-insulated, cement construction or leather Goodyear Welt, this hand-crafted collection will become your first stop for American-made outdoor footwear.

Wood N' Stream ELX / LTT

Always on the forefront of footwear innovation, the ELX/LTT collection is literally layered with performance technology for a soft yet hard-working fit and feel. Each boot features state-of-the-art Visible Gel System shock-absorbing technology that reduces repetitive impact stress in the heel. Add that with a Gen-Flex molded comfort footbed that gives an already-worn feel on the first wear, and you’ve never felt so comfortable in a outdoor sporting boot. No matter the size or ankle height, these cutting-edge comfort features make any fit Wood N’ Stream reliable.

Wood N' Stream Flyway

The Wood N’ Stream Flyway collection is a reminder that durable boots don’t have to weigh you down. With a variety of lace-up and slip-on styles, each boot is Goodyear Welt constructed with a cellular wedge waterproof outsole that makes trudging through mud and wet conditions a walk in the park. Designed with breathable construction, you’ll be able to keep water and cold air away without feeling constricted or uncomfortably tight. With Flyway, you can get suited up and get going faster than ever.

Wood N' Stream Instinct

Whether you're on the hunt for big game or a big deal, you have to go with your gut. That's why the Wood N' Stream Instinct collection makes it easy to choose the perfect boot for whatever destination you escape to. Camo or classic leather look, each boot is lined with 3M Thinsulate technology to keep your feet warm while cold air stays out. Increased ankle support and cement construction make this one of the toughest boots you can wear in a light-weight package. Field tested by leading outdoorsmen to assure performance and durability, you'll know you've hit gold the second you slip them on.

Wood N' Stream Interceptor

For an all-purpose boot that keeps you dry and stable in rough conditions, the Interceptor has you covered. Whether you prefer camo or classic leather styling, Interceptor boots are secured with cement construction and an ultra flexible rubber sole that’s completely waterproof. Topped off with a reinforced toe and heel guard to ensure safety in the field, you’ll be equipped with some of the most durable footwear on the market—all weighing in under 4 pounds per shoe. - Your Hunting Boots Superstore

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